29th and 30th April

29th April

My wife said Gio slept till 5:30 a.m.
Maybe it is the outings that tire him and make him sleep longer, and not the bathing.

I forgot to say that on 26th I bought Gio Tommy Tippee teats for babies of 3 months+, at 400/- a pair at Sunu’s Biashara Street

30th April

We went to visit Gio’s cousin.
On our way back we stopped at some friends’ house.
Their son was born 3 days after Gio.
He was due a month later.

It was fascinating to see his behaviour:
Rubbing his face as if it is itching, the way Gio does
He had a scratch on his face similar to those Gio inflicts on himself
He had small cries, so to speak
Dad imitates baby’s cries
He was turning face left and right when crying/hungry
He was trying to sit up when carried facing up in a lying position.
It seemed he had pretty much caught up, despite being born prematurely.

Because of today’s trips, I told my wife “I think Gio will sleep till maybe 5:00”


We were given a giant pumpkin at Gio’s cousin’s grandma’s place



3 thoughts on “29th and 30th April

  1. I can so identify with the behaviour of the babies.. little J scratches his face too much we have resolved to mittens. Pushes himself up when on his tummy, puts fingers in mouth to suckle when hungry etc.

    That pumpkin is sure huge!

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