11th to 20th March

11th March


12th March

Yesterday Gio kept bringing milk back up.


13th March

Gio is seven weeks old.
Clinic visit for immunisation..
One week late.
Weight 6.8kg.
“Stop the formula.”
My wife later told me that she tried to wake me up because Gio was having a fever resulting from the jab, and I just slept.
She wiped him to cool him.


14th March


15th March
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16th March




17th March

Gio’s church debut.
Formula-free day!


18th March


19th March

Went to town (Biashara Street) with my wife and Gio.
Gio was in his car seat on the car’s back seat.
Gio’s car seat faces the back of the car
Was left in the car with Gio to drive around as my wife went to buy some things.
He started really crying.
At some point, I contemplated pulling him out of the car seat and driving around with him on my lap. (Relax, I did not do it).
I remembered reading something along the lines of as long as a baby is crying, then you know he is breathing.
Glances at his seat did not indicate that his seat strap or anything like that was hurting him.
I called my wife and she could hear Gio crying. She came to the car and saved the day. Gio was just hungry.

Wife bought formula at 700/= (It is 794/- in the supermarket)
Other shop had at 650/=! but she saw that after she had bought from the other.


20th March



3 thoughts on “11th to 20th March

  1. there used to be some place there is biashara street that you could go and get some concotion to feed your baby, I think it was stuff that you put in the porridge, yeah, how do I know and I did not even have a baby then!! wow, he is growing fast.

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