9th to 12th Feb 2013

09th Feb

Woken up by sounds of the baby crying. My wife got up to attend to him. I thought it was still early, seeing that I had not heard the baby crying earlier. Turned out it was about 5:40 or so! meaning he had slept for maybe 4 hours or more.

I was going for an early morning meeting. My wife asked me to buy a second bottle of Tommy Tippee. 150ml one was 445/- 260ml was 480.
Seeing that currently, Gio was arguably supposed to be taking 150ml of formula per feed, I figured the 150ml one would soon be too small for him.

Went for a wedding.


10th Feb

How much formula?

Naturally I turned to Google.
Babycentre.com said 2.5 ounces per pound of bodyweight. There was a link to babycenter.co.uk. I decided to check that for metric units. It said between 150ml and 200ml per kg of bodyweight per day.

First bath from grandma. There was a bit of crying (by Gio, not Grandma).
Meanwhile, Gio has not pooped since the day before yesterday.

IMG_6326Ā  IMG_6364

11th Feb

Gio rolled over from his back to his tummy. According to various web sites, he should only be able to do that at around 3 or 4 months!


12th Feb

12022013(002) IMG_6398Yes, Gio sleeps a lot


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