29th Jan 2013 – Baby’s Day Out II

My wife had not rested properly for a while, so I told her to sleep throughout the night and let me handle Gio.
The night went something like this:

11:47 p.m. (28th Jan)  Went to bed
12:51 a.m. (29th Jan) False alarm- baby made sounds but went quiet
1:53 a.m. 50 ml taken
3:25 a.m. 30 ml taken
Diaper change, Gio squirmy, settled when dressed.
Sat a short while. Put baby to bed. Wash bottle etc.
4:25 a.m. Read What to Expect the First Year until around 5:13 a.m.

That afternoon, milk production was up!

Nearly 60ml

Nearly 60ml

The paeditrician’s office said they had not received the Vitamin K injections yet. (See earlier story if necessary).
We went to Nairobi Hospital and were shown on Gio’s card that it says the Vitamin K injection had been given.
Leaving my wife and Gio at the hospital, I went across the road to the paeditrician and got a prescription. I also paid the previous day’s consultation fee.

Back to Nairobi Hospital.
Pay 182/- for injection, pay 500/- for the service of injecting the boy.
My wife got the relevant injection from the Pharmacy, so we needed it administered

The children’s rooms are all in use, please go to the adult section.

We went, and a nurse came to us immediately.
“Please go and pay at counter 4 and 5”
“We have to queue?”
“I expect there are other clients”
I went and queued.
At the counter: “Have you been here before?”
“Do you have a receipt or document?”
I gave her my wife’s card
“The name on the card is not the name on this prescription.”
“This name is my wife’s name and the other is my son who was born here.”
“Ok, the child needs to be registered first, so please go and register there first.”
She pointed at another counter.
“Why was I not told this before?”

I went, filled a form, waited a few moments, got a card.
Back to the cashier.
I stood by, waited and waited while she served someone else.
After waiting a while, I stepped away briefly, came back and found someone else being served!
My wife got tired of waiting and came to the counter.
I paid and we went back to the injection area (whatever it’s called).

A young nurse came to us. She looked at the item my wife had been given.
“This is for an injection?”
“You got this here?”
“Why?” I asked.
“Just asking,” she said and stepped out.
My wife said, “She’s not just asking.”

The nurse came back. “This is not an injection, it’s oral.”
We told her we were here for an injection and in fact the person at the pharmacy had said it is to be administered into (on?) a muscle.
She left again.
Later (or maybe while still there) I told my wife I would have been livid, had we gone away to get the injection administered elsewhere and found that we had been sold something else!

She came back with syringe etc
She put the medicine into the syringe and started tapping it with her finger, presumably to remove air.

She dropped the needle near her leg.
She took took another syringe.
While tapping it as well, it flew off and landed about a foot from Gio’s face

She went away and came back with a third one.

As she Went to swab the place she was to administer the injection, she realised she had forgotten to apply spirit on the cotton.
After applying the spirit on the cotton wool, she toppled spirit bottle.

Later, my wife said that after the incidents, we had the right to ask for a different, more competent nurse.



11 thoughts on “29th Jan 2013 – Baby’s Day Out II

  1. I can’t believe this was Nairobi Hospital! It is supposed to be the best. I have been to many children clinics, except Nairobi Hospital and generally besides the long queues due to many clients (babies and mothers) the care givers have been very good.

  2. Nairobi Hospital??? please style up.they have become a disappointment lately.ni jina tu.
    kama ni those manadatory jabs toi’s get please just take him to a public hosi. their services on tois unbelivable.

  3. HUUUAAATTT! And you two just looked at her? I’d have thrown her out myself! Glad the baby is fine…we hope!!!

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